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Hello! My name is Henning Jon Grini.

I call myself a writer, philosopher, and futurist.


This page focuses on society and how we can create the best possible future, which is what my two free English books are about. I also have a strong commitment to spirituality.

In addition, you will find a gallery with AI-generated art, and two other websites in English which I operate.


Note! My two books are free.

So far, I have published two books, both of which have been translated into English.

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This science fiction book is not about a dystopian future where humans have to fight for survival. Quite the contrary, it is about a bright future where we have managed to overcome most of our problems. It will show the unity, strength, love, and potential of man.

The reader is invited on a journey into the future and gets to experience what life is like there. The main character gets to know a woman, and feelings arise between them. Together, they explore society and have numerous conversations about the difference between our society and theirs. There will be a trip to a space station, down into an underwater research station, and not least meeting with our cosmic friends at the end of the book.

The world the protagonist encounters has a far more loving and positive approach to life. The book is free from murder, crime, intrigue, fear and other misery. However, it contains imagination, good experiences and a lot of optimism and hope.

About Brighter Future

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People, Mankind and Mother Earth is plagued by countless problems and crises. Everything from overspending, exploitation, corruption, populist leaders and terrorism to economic differences, poverty, health problems, and loneliness. On top of that, we have huge environmental problems.

These problems can only be taken by their root if we are going to get lasting solutions, otherwise, we only treat the symptoms. By identifying the core causes to our manmade problems and crises, we can change these «vicious circles» we have entangled ourselves into and create «golden circles».

Even if we see breakdowns in the society, there are also several breakthroughs, which don’t receive the same amount of attention. This book seeks to reverse this, by offering several «new» thoughts, referrals to solutions, and ways to improve our lives and society.

This book is therefore very much a book of resource and solution, with a host of references to people, companies, websites, organizations and much more that point to new ways of living and organizing our lives and communities.

The human being is under development and are now having growing pains in form of our global crises. By shifting the focus from problems to solutions, and from symptoms to causes, we would be well on our way to create a new world to the benefit for ourselves and future generations.


I run two websites in english.

The big site GaiaInnovations presents many solutions, and inspirations for how we can achieve a better world.

Countdown2contact is a small website that measures humanity’s estimated future official contact with benevolent sentient beings.

About GaiaInnovations

GaiaInnovations believes that people hunger for constructive solutions to the world’s problems, after better ways of structuring society as well as something that gives our lives more meaning and happiness. Almost every human problem is already solved somewhere in the world, but few know about it. GaiaInnovations wants to counteract this with our two portals.

Extinction of life, pollution and breakdown of systems accelerate all over the world. On the other side, innovations accelerate also. We will present innovations and solutions in 12 sectors that represent all aspects of human life: Environment, Media, Governance, Health, Economics, Relations, Justice, Infrastructure, Education, Science, Spirituality, and Arts.

Most of us discovered long ago that we live in a dysfunctional world. For far too long, the media has focused on problems, crises and things that doesn’t matter. There has been too little focus on what’s positive, inspirational and of significance. We want to present Positive News, a New Worldview for the Future and things that uplift The Human Spirit.

Om Countdown2contact

Countdown2contact is a website that measures humanity’s estimated future official contact with benevolent sentient beings.

We assume that contact won’t happen before humanity reaches a certain level in its development. We consider humanity to be a young species because we have not solved our fundamental problems yet. We measure progress in human development based on several factors.

This site will be updated from time to time.

Note! The time we have set for the countdown is just an estimate, we don’t know the exact time for contact.


This gallery contains AI-generated art with different themes.